Thursday, September 14, 2006

15.03.05 Die Matie A Mature Blend of Flavours - Esti Brand “... recorded in a small cottage in the idyllic valley of Franschhoek, renowned food and wine capital of South Africa...” The back of the cover reads like the back of a wine bottle while the front, by closer inspection, appears to be a close-up of the inside of a glass of red wine. The idea behind Confessions in Red, composer and producer Jerome Arthur’s first release, is a musical celebration of wine. According to Arthur, the album “reflects the natural scenic beauty of the Cape Winelands and the characteristics of the magnificent red wine produced in this area.” Confessions is a mature fusion of different styles, including ambient, lounge, trip hop and electronica. “The laid-back, earthy, warm and imaginative characteristics of red wine are reflected in tunes with a similar feel,” says Arthur. The album has a feel-good atmosphere and would be well suited in lounge bars and restaurants. (Not only would you be able to select a suitable wine to compliment your meal, you would also be able to choose a musical compliment for your wine!) Confessions would be the perfect background music for dinner parties or drinks in front of the fire-place. I would imagine it being well-received amongst tourists to the Winelands. The album includes a collaboration with two local artists, Jongile and Thobeka. Jongile recites his own poem in his mother tongue (Xhosa) while his sister, Thobeka, recites one of Arthur’s poems. The recitals, blending with the eclectic mix of piano, bass, electronic beats and string orchestrations, bring an African ambience to the album © Die Matie,Esti Brand, SA


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