Thursday, September 14, 2006

15.03.04 Future Music Confessions in Red We get sent a wide range of [CD's] from all over the world, but this is our first from South Africa. Jerome aims to make sophisticated lounge music, and he's managed it really well. His use of spoken word in Xhosa gives Behind the Sun a unique feel; it's very reminiscent of both Massive Attack and Air. The production is top notch. The thick pads give a really nice, relaxed, almost meditative quality to the [album], and this is only enhanced by the vocals. The rest of the tracks on the [album] follow a very similar path to Behind the Sun. No Horizon features the vocal talents of Thobeka, who recites one of Jerome's poems to the musical backdrop. This track, more than any of the others, has a real Massive Attack feel to it, probably due to the combination of piano, solid repetitive synth baseline and string-led atmosphere. Dream About You has a really dark opening, with a very low pulsing bass and slowly developing synth lines. Jerome's aim is to make the perfect soundtrack to a stylish dinner party; it's fair to say that he's really achieved this, and there's no doubt that he'll do really well. And of course, there's the obvious target market of advertising soundtracks - this stuff is absolutely ideal for those purposes. © Future Music UK


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