Thursday, September 14, 2006

15.03.06 Wineland Magazine Music for Fine Wine Confessions in Red and Confessions in White, two musical analogies of wine, were released by wine lover and Franschhoek musician Jerome Arthur in a tribute to the drink and surroundings he loves. The cd’s were inspired by the Cape Winelands and have so far received favourable comments in the media. They feature lounge music with subtle beats, light and jazzy melodies and string arrangements with bits of lounge, electronica, acid jazz and ambient downbeat. Music suited to a tasting room, for instance. Says Jerome, “I’ve translated the characteristics of red and white wine into music, with red wine being earthy, wintery and rather male, and white wine baing airy, refreshing, sexy and rather female.” Confession in Red has sold more than 500 albums already. For more information, visit © WinelandMagazine SA


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