Thursday, September 14, 2006

01.04.06 Wine Tourism News Confessions in White - Jim Hislop If you're a fan of European chill out music, like Air and Royksopp, then "Confessions in White" should appeal to you. Some of the music would also be perfectly at home on a Cafe Del Mar compilation, though it has a feel of its own that's a little more three-dimensional with a blend of ambient, orchestral and lower tempo house with a hint of reggae thrown in. The 'white' in the title refers to white wine and you can definitely feel a slightly cheeky collusion between the wine and the music. Jerome Arthur is based in Franschhoek, a place where, to quote Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous - the air alone in 100% proof!'. If you close your eyes you can almost taste that Chardonnay gliding down your throat, it's enough to make you rush out to the nearest bottle store.
The CD kicks off with the orchestral 'A Quiet Day At The Estate' and ends with 'Vineyards Waltz' with some sensual, cool and calming tunes sandwiched in between. It would be a little insulting to say it would make good background music in a restaurant, because each tune stands on its own as a worthy listenable song. This music is the perfect accompaniment to a lunch in the winelands with a good meal and preferably a hot love interest! The sensual mood and sultry vocals on the second track 'Vin Blanc' should definitely get even the most 'frosty' of companions 'in the mood' if you know what I mean. Try listening to its predecessor, 'Confessions in Red', whichwill complete your overall sensual wine experience...


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