Thursday, September 14, 2006

01.10.05 Beats, People & Music Confessions in White - Green Man This is the second installment in the "Confessions" series started last year by Jerome Arthur. The style of music is certainly varied ranging from electronica to jazz lounge, ambient to calm floaty soundscapes. It's a contemporary collection of melodies with strong cinematographic soundscapes. Lush strings are accompanied by beautiful vocals and dubby riffs whilst big, warm pads drift in and out. It's mood music for sure, so be prepared to become very, very relaxed. Whilst Jerome's first offering "Confessions in Red" had that full-bodied flavour of a good Shiraz or Cabernet, "Confessions in White" offers a more pristine, surreal feel to it. Grab yourself a glass of wine, kick back and enjoy the ambiences © BPM Magazine,Green ManSA


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